scientifically speaking,

Scientifically speaking,

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5 Questions with Christian Johns

What motivates you?

I study science for a living and I pursue music in my free time. I look at things very technically and I’m always thinking about how to improve. pushing my production to it’s limits has always been motivation for me as I’m always thinking about how to create sounds and improve as a musician.

What’s the best part of what you do?

Playing shows will always be my favorite aspect of creating music. Kind words after a set are definitely what keeps me writing more.

What most inspiring thing a listener of your music told you?

Using the internet to post my music has let people all over the world hear what I have to make. It’s super cool having you’ve never met halfway across the glob reach out to you and let you know they appreciate what your doing

Does a specific state of mind or mood generate your best work?

Whenever I have anything I need to do for school, I make music to procrastinate. It seems like I’m always most productive when somethings due the next day.

What’s next for yourself?

I’m in graduate school right now but I’m going to keep releasing music every chance I get and keep getting better.

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Miami University

We’re back from Ohio! I told you to expect a ton of photos of Oxford and Miami University, but we ended up being way busier than I anticipated, so I actually only managed to snap a few shots of the campus. 

Not only were the faculty and grad students we met all so nice and welcoming, but Oxford is a cute little town and the university is beautiful with all of its red brick and large grassy areas. I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be during the fall. 

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Going to be making stuff with a similar feel to this and hopefully putting out an EP soon. Until then…